Design appears around us in a variety of objects, be it ornamental or industrial. Design can be applied to any object, furniture, lamps, glasses, automobiles, jewelry or wall paper etc Outward appearance, as specified in a design, can make a product look more appealing than any other. In this way it creates market value for the company. Often this attracts copy cats who want to free ride on the success of the design. To be able to act adequately against infringement, sensible designers or companies therefor opt for Design registration. Please note however that not all designs are accepted for design registration.

Excluded are

  • designs that do not meet the requirements of novelty, originality and/or individual character.
  • designs that are considered to be dictated exclusively by the technical function of a product.
  • designs incorporating protected official symbols or emblems (such as the national flag).
  • designs which are considered to be contrary to public order or morality.

Because “novelty” plays such an important role to obtain a valid Design registration, please be sure to seek and arrange protection before making the design known to the public.

Please contact Markwise to be advised on the best way to safeguard your rights, in the Benelux , Europe or any country in the world.

About us

MARKWISE is an independent internationally orientated agency on Intellectual Property (IP). sited in the Netherlands. Markwise in-house attorney is far from new in the business. He has over 20 years of legal trademark experience, graduated from Tilburg University and is a certified BMM member and European trademark attorney registered with OHIM (European Trademark Office). Markwise can act directly as your intermediary for filing Benelux trademarks and designs, Community Trade Marks (CTM's) & Designs and handle any arising prosecution issues. Markwise selling points are clearly its long time experience with IP law, especially trademark law, the personal attention and handling speed of its service, all against rather competitive fees.