Practically any sign (word, image, combination, movement, sound) that is able to distinguish the origin of a product or service, can at as a trademark. Whether it can become a registered mark though, is a different story. It not only depends on whether it is thought to be distinctive but also whether it meets other formal grounds for acceptance and last but not least it depends on what has been registered already and whether it conflicts with older rights. If well positioned and loaded with the main characteristics of your product or service, your mark can be a shorthand and as such be the most important asset of a company. If the public -noticing your brand- links it directly to the specific values of your brand you have created brand value which cab represent a huge amount of money. Any mark that has the intention to achieve this goal or achieved this goal already, is worth being well protected by trademark registration. Arrange for registration right away so before it has brand value, instead of risk that others captured your mark.

MARKWISE is a full service trademark agency with over 20 years of experience. We look forward, advising you or your client on trademark issues or to handle the actual filing of trademark applications in the Benelux, Europe or any other country worldwide.

About us

MARKWISE is an independent internationally orientated agency on Intellectual Property (IP). sited in the Netherlands. Markwise in-house attorney is far from new in the business. He has over 20 years of legal trademark experience, graduated from Tilburg University and is a certified BMM member and European trademark attorney registered with OHIM (European Trademark Office). Markwise can act directly as your intermediary for filing Benelux trademarks and designs, Community Trade Marks (CTM's) & Designs and handle any arising prosecution issues. Markwise selling points are clearly its long time experience with IP law, especially trademark law, the personal attention and handling speed of its service, all against rather competitive fees.